I will be creating a review for the game dark souls 3, i will also be covering all of the areas below :


  1. Main explanation on what the game is about.
  2. Talking about all classes and what they do. (show off main attacks)
  3. First boss battle.
  4. Main hub and all NPC chars.
  5. Other main Bosses.
  6. Sound track and feel of the game.
  7. What I think of the game.

At the start and at the end of the video will be a small part of me talking to the camera with a quick explanation on what the video will be about. The video will be about 10 mins long and i will make sure that it will be that long by planning out the time in each area of the video. If there is too much clips of the game or i feel like i need a another video that will planned and done later on as the video i am making will be out first, the second part (if there is one) would be out at a later date.

All of the areas will  be talked about with clips of the parts behind for the viewers to watch. After this video is made and released i am hoping to continue to make videos like this on other games that have just been released like overwatch and also try to cover some older games that i still play such as Super Smash Bros.

Where it will be uploaded?

All of the videos will be uploaded on my YouTube account, this is a link to the channel

There will be both planning videos of how the video is being made and the full video its self. The major reason why it is being uploaded to YouTube is that it can run on a number of different devices, this includes mobile, PC and gaming consoles. Another reason why its being uploaded to YouTube and not Vimeo is that is a much higher user base that would give me more of a chance of people to watch it. I also have a small number of subscribers that already watch my video there so this will help with showing off the video to the public.

Software and equipment used.

The software that i will be using in the making of the video will be shadowplay, this will be used to record all of the game play and audio, this can also be used to record my voice as i will be talking over a number of clips to tell the viewer about the game.  For the camera clips that i will be using i will be using another software called OBS (open broadcast software) this can record both the game play and the camera if needed and i can then mix them together using Adobe Premiere Pro, this will be done in class as i do not have any editing system at home apart form the build in one that youtube has.

For the Equipment that i will be using, i will be using my own home computer for all the game play as the computers in the college is not strong enough to run the game. For the microphone that i will be using, it is called a Blue yeti and it will be used to record the voice over and the and any other talking parts the video may need. I will also be using a Elgato game capture card to show the difference in graphics from the older games. The webcam i will be using to show off my face in a comedic use is called Microsoft HD-3000 webcam.

New Blog + Youtube link

So this is my new blog that i will be using to upload work from my college courses and to keep updates on how the projects are doing.

This is also a link to my YouTube channel that i will be using to upload video, there is other video there that i have already made about games. When there is a video uploaded about the work i am making there will be a update on this blog.